2020 a Year to Remember

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“We Have Officially Changed the Narrative”


Robert’s Story

I first want to share Robert’s story with you all.  Robert was one of my infantrymen in Afghanistan in 2011-2012.  He had a very troubled childhood bouncing from house to house and had a drug-addicted mother.  He had a few close calls as a kid, one with a gun pointed at his head.  Robert had what you would call Complex PTSD.  We brought Robert to Florida to do some work.  He unraveled everything and left a new person.  Robert returned to Missouri and married his sweetheart, and they later gave birth to a baby girl.  Robert, once suicidal, not only healed but changed his family tree and is now thriving with his family.

This Year’s Accomplishments

2020 is a year many are happy to see leave and be viewed from the rearview mirror.  This year has presented innumerable challenges for 22Zero; however, opportunities presented themselves in very unexpected ways.

2020 caused a major pivot, but let me tell you about what happened when we pivoted.  Our first Resilient Heroes Project training took place in Saint Augustine, FL in June 2020, with the Florida National Guard and the Florida Air National Guard.  In Saint Augustine, we trained 14 people from the National Guard/Air National Guard and Active Duty Air Force.  We also trained two active deputy sheriffs, one from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and the other from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

We list the Resiliency Coaches on our website.

2020 had eight TRP/EMP training events—one in person in Saint Augustine, Florida, before the COVID-19 lockdowns.  Seven additional training events were virtually over Zoom.

In 2020 a Year to Remember we learned with virtual training: no transportation, meals, lodging costs, a huge win on saving money for the nonprofit.  The training took place remotely, which meant the coaches learned to do the process remotely, a huge, huge win.  We now are represented in 17 states. We have worked with people in Hawaii, the U.K., and Australia with the Zoom platform. The states we are represented in, and the numbers trained in those states are Florida (41), Alabama (1), Iowa (1), Massachusetts (2), New Jersey (1), Pennsylvania (1), Virginia (11), Utah (4), Vermont (1), New Hampshire (4), Minnesota (1), Oklahoma (1), Tennessee (2), Kentucky (1), Missouri (1), North Carolina (2) and Ohio (2).  For a total of 77 coaches. We did not list all coaches on our website as most from the Florida National Guard are deploying to the Middle East at the end of 2020 and will not be listed.

We became a research organization by digging into the world of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the roots of which created a process called Visual/Kinesthetic Dissociation (V/KD).  NLP has been around for quite some time, since the 1980s.  Dr. John Grinder and Dr. Richard Bandler developed this process in the early ’80s. Click here to read a study conducted by Dr. Richard Gray regarding V/KD conducted in 2010.

Dr. Michael Maisano, a Psychologist from Arizona State University (ASU) in Phoenix, has communicated with Dr. John Grinder, who now resides in the U.K.  Dr. Grinder is a former captain of U.S. Army Special Forces during the Cold War.  Dr. Grinder has encouraged us to go forth and heal using the V/KD techniques he developed with Dr. Richard Bandler in the 1980s.  A huge endorsement for us as an organization. You can learn more about Dr. Grinder on his website.  Dr. Maisano is one of our Research team members and, as you can see from his picture, was an Army officer.  Mike initially enlisted in the Marines immediately out of high school in 1988 and later commissioned in the Army with deployments to Iraq.  Dr. Maisano has gotten us an audience with the Tillman Center at ASU scheduled for January 15, 2021.

Testing the Model

Dr. Martha Corvea, a Clinical Psychologist and Research Director for 22Zero, supervised the data and completed the report for our “Testing the Model” study.

We have completed data collection on our first study of 100 clients and were eager to collect our data on the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) using clients from all spectrums of life.  We wanted to dispel the fact this was only for military, veterans, or first responders.  That is a question that gets repeatedly asked.  Our numbers are as follows:

Veterans                                           30

Active Duty Military                            4

Firefighter/Paramedics                      6

Law Enforcement                              7

Nurses                                              4

Mental Health Counselors                19

Civilians                                            30

The average PTSD Symptom Scale Interview (PSSI-5) version 5 score at onset of treatment was 54.33 on a 0-80 scoring scale.  Twenty (20) is the baseline for PTSD, and anything over 40 is a clinically risky score due to quality of life interruptions that will occur 3-4 times per week.  The post score average was significant.  The score was only 2.12 after between 1-4 sessions.  Fifty-one percent needed only 1-2 sessions, and only 1 requested four sessions.  The result is 100 clients with PTSD no longer qualified for a clinical diagnosis of PTSD.

Our work uses guided imagery and no content of the traumatic events; this allows us to use this with peer support groups of unlicensed individuals.  We don’t get into any of the actual diagnosis business.   As a result, we teach the individuals the guided imagery so their brains can do the work internally without the coach ever hearing a word about the trauma or significant emotional event.  It appears that not telling the story of the trauma is believed to be why we are so successful.  You really don’t need to feel to heal.

Validating the Model

Two other studies are underway to validate the model of the TRP.  One group of licensed counselors has already captured the data on 100 clients.  The data will soon be presented, as our numbers in this sample also showed a 100 percent success. The peer support study is around 65 percent complete, and upon receiving data on 100 clients, we will be able to present the data here.  Thus far, they are on track for the same 100 percent solution.  Here is the problem-100 percent solution.  It sounds way too good to be true.

As a result, we hope we will attach our research to a university for a clinical study with an Independent Review Board (IRB) to validate the data.  The clinical study will benefit from adding our process to peer-reviewed studies and evidentiary medicine.  We don’t need this as a peer support organization.  There are plenty of folks out there who only need to know it works to use it, not necessarily how it works.  22Zero works to link with other nonprofit organizations to train their people to use our processes to heal more people. We don’t need or want the credit.  To be irrelevant as an organization is our main goal.

Thus far, as an organization, we have treated over 1103 men and women who had PTSD that no longer have the symptoms associated with PTSD.  So far, all of them have remained symptom-free since we started collecting the data.

Our processes are three-fold: the TRP for trauma (acute/PTSD), the Emotions Management Process (EMP) for negative emotions, the last is for belief structures, the Belief Management Process (BMP).

All of these processes have stemmed from the world of NLP.

22Zero Board of Directors Changes

Kim Garrett and Mark Newby were greatly appreciated but had commitments that prevented them from continuing on our board in 2020.  Much gratitude for their efforts and hard work.  Nick Davis, Dr. Janell Royster, and Jesse Simpson were all added to the 22Zero Family and are greatly appreciated and are all high contributors to our mission.   Our website https://22zero.org/about/ has their bios and pictures for your review.  Nick Davis and Dr. Royster are both veterans of the USAF.  Jesse Simpson is a combat Marine and deployed to Afghanistan as a machine gunner.  At 6’4″ and 230 pounds, I see why.  In Mesa, Arizona, Jesse also served as a firefighter and was recognized by Arizona as firefighter of-the-year in 2017.

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Changing Lives

1103 lives have changed between 2018-2020, with 973 Heroes & Family members Healed in 2020 alone.  The 2020 cost of treating one person was only $40.46 per person.  How about that for a return on investment (ROI).

One of our Mental Health Advisory Board members, Norm Bissell, LMHC, a National Guard Veteran and a licensed counselor in Florida, Virginia, and Ohio, is contracted through a company working with Active Duty Air Force members on Al Dahfra Air Base in the United Arab Emirates.  Norm is successfully using TRP and EMP with members of the U.S. Air Force overseas.

The Florida Sheriff’s Association asked us to create a training program for Sheriff’s Offices in Florida regarding PTSD that will be made available in 2021 as it is currently under review.  The PTSD training will be added to the Police One Academy https://www.policeoneacademy.com   training website and will be available to 23,000 deputy sheriffs and detention deputies in Florida.  We will offer free help to those in Florida that watch our video at the end of the training.  You can watch our video here on YouTube. https://youtu.be/SEqKJQz3wmQ

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2020 Financials

In 2020 our Income was $45,633.89.
The 2020 expenses were $39,370.73.

Value of Our Services

If you breakdown the expenses that have gone out of our bank account and compare that to the number of people we have treated, it is remarkable, and even though we are cash poor, we are Super High Impact!  Our return on investment for the calendar year 2020 was an epic success.  In 2020 we treated 973 people for an astounding $40.46 per person.  Several folks said they were spending thousands of dollars on therapy in the private sector and were shocked at our process’s simplicity.  Some of them were upset; they were spending so much on therapy but were at a loss for solutions.  Many of the people we help have referred friends and family to us.

Join the movement today, and let’s start healing the hero!
“We have Officially Changed the Narrative.”

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