Dr. Royster and a Changed Life


Scared Child in Services

In January 2020, I had the opportunity to attend training in NYC, with a new method of treating PTSD/CPTSD. Since I was an Air Force veteran, I was eligible for a scholarship. I took the training, and it cleared my complex post-traumatic stress disorder in less than three sessions, I was astounded. I’d been in counseling for many years and struggled to connect with therapists who could help me understand why I was having flashbacks while doing dishes, nightmares that kept me up at night, and thoughts that disrupted my workday on the regular. I did not share with anyone something was wrong, because no one had any answers.

Working diligently to function like an average person was a struggle, but I was not successful. I had been struggling with trauma since the age of four. I became a therapist to help others overcome their challenges, and I had a myriad of great instructors that assisted me with my experiences. When I began my journey of becoming a therapist, I was certified in so many areas to ensure I had answers for those that needed them. When I was in counseling, the most common reply I heard was, “that sounds horrible; I don’t know what to say.”

No Direction

No direction, no assistance, no advice was normal reactions from the mental health world. I decided to take the opportunity to further my education. How could I help those who struggled like me? Using the studies and the foundations of other brilliant individuals, we at 22zero created a process not only for therapists but for peers to use. Something easy to use, modified to ways we converse and holds no liability, we hear no more content. We created a process that works for the majority and offers a solution to the lack of normal functioning.

I always did what appeared to look healthy on the outside, but struggled every day on the inside. Inside is where it counted the most. Now my struggle is over, once and for all. We are currently helping others end their struggles as well. We are healing our heroes and their families.


Sponsorship was such an honor for the training. I chose to pay it forward regularly, treating more than 150 clients successfully. I worked with children in services, all of which quickly was no longer in need of mental health services. I worked with everyone who shared their experience of trauma with me. I have worked with over 120 people. Now they no longer have to share all the details which eliminate the possibility of suffering from vicarious trauma. I am so proud of what we are a part of and treatments that we and others have created.

Training for a Healthy Future

I’m looking forward to training as many individuals to clear the negative emotions and get rid of those pesky little nuggets that affect lives in such a way they are unable to work a full day. There are 11 million people diagnosed with PTSD and don’t have to be. There are solutions; this one can reach the masses.

We are entering a brave new world and CRUSHING FEAR!