Fear, it is a liar!

I want to write this blog about fear and its impact on the human body.  First off, my belief now about fear is that it is not real.  It is a feeling we attach to something we perceive to be dangerous.  I was hoping you would not get me wrong danger is 100 percent real, but the emotions we attach to it, not so much.  In work, we are doing with the Emotions Clearing Technique (ECT) and Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP); we are crushing fear, crushing fear to a point where the person cannot feel it or find it.

The human defense mechanisms

The human body has two defense mechanisms for processing danger, internal and external. The internal tool to protect the body from danger is the immune system. The external means to protect from danger is the fight, flight, or freeze, the fear response.  Guess which one wins?  Fight or flight wins every time.

There are reasons why so many men and women who work in high-stress jobs like police, fire, military, and paramedics have such a high rate of diseases. Such as diabetes, heart diseases, strokes, pick your cancer, and don’t forget substance abuse or obesity. Drinking becomes a coping mechanism. These are all called comorbidities for stress. A continuously engaged fight or flight response with first responders or Soldiers struggling with PTSD is exceptionally unhealthy because your body is continually producing cortisol, our stress hormone.  Therefore, many in these professions are not healthy.

COVID-19 and Fear Trafficking by the media and politicians

Now let us talk COVID-19.  The media hype causes fear and is putting people in a panic over this disease, as are many politicians.  The moment you feel a spike in your BP or heart rate or feel fear regarding COVID-19, you are producing cortisol, you are afraid.  You are now compromising your immune system.  Also, wearing a mask all the time causes your body to breath under stress, diminishing your capacity to bring in oxygen.  Producing cortisol and compromising your immune system.  Do you see where I am going with this?

The disease of COVID-19 is real and affecting many people, but it affects more immune-compromised folks and the elderly. The cure cannot be worse than the disease.  Crushing jobs, the economy, 401Ks, IRAs small business, and let’s not forget the massive spike in suicides, domestic violence, booze-related stupidity.  Learn to manage your fear response.  There are ways you can do this.  One is ECT, learn to part ways with that unwanted fear emotion, quickly.  Or learn to know when your body is producing cortisol and do immediate breath work to counteract it.  Effective lower belly breathing can reduce cortisol by up to 30 percent.  That is a significant reduction in cortisol production.

Tom and fear/panic

I will share Tom’s story with fear.  Full disclosure Tom is my uncle, and we were able to get him treated using the Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM) Protocol.  He had early childhood trauma, and this tool administered by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker was able to rid his childhood traumas.  I then ran Tom through the ECT process, maybe a year after his trauma work.  We got rid of his negative emotion of fear throughout his life.  Reframing the first event and then reframing each moment of panic after that where he was afraid, left him peaceful, he knows fear is a liar.

Tom said he would lay in bed at night and look for the fear, and it always found him.  After ECT, he said he would lay in bed and look for it and could not find it anymore.  That process again took 10 minutes’ worth of work when addressing his fear, and now it is gone.  He had lived in fear since childhood now, and he is 70.  Sixty-five years fear plagued him, and now he has been set free of the fear altogether.

When I say, fear is not real; this is what I’m saying.  The danger is quite real, but fear is not!


Dan Jarvis
22Zero Follow Me, Inc.
Founder & President

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