ZOOM Training on How to End PTSD with The Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP)

We completed our online Zoom training platform with the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) and Emotions Clearing Technique (ECT) on 07/22/2020.  We can end PTSD with TRP.  Those in attendance were from Charleston, South Carolina, Pidgeon Forge, and Knoxville, Tennessee, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, and Fort Meyers, Florida, and Virginia Beach, Virginia and Cincinnati, Ohio.

The TRP process will end PTSD and requires no content, it’s also expected the coaching client understands this on the front end.  Our nonprofit can provide counseling services to clients without a license, however, found it extremely beneficial to drop content.  The main reason it’s not necessary to listen to the story.  Another reason is that it protects the person being coached from sharing information that is deeply personal and often shameful and it protects the coach from having to hear some of the horrific things people are trying to clear.  The coach just walks the person through the process of TRP or ECT. The process allows their brain to make the changes on an unconscious level.

The zoom platform is extremely beneficial because it teaches coaches on the front end how to perform the requisite task of TRP via a virtual platform in order to work with people and coach them through the process and end PTSD.  Especially since they had to work on their own emotions and traumatic memories.  It was super cool to watch the transformations in the training.  Nine of 13 students using the Post Stress Score Indicator (PSSI) 5 for PTSD have PTSD.  We will remeasure them in a week . I’m excited for their after scores, they will no longer have PTSD, i’m confidednt.  This will give solid data to the process we are using with no content to its success.

Wolfhound’s and the 27th Infantry Regiment

While stationed in Schoefield Barracks, Hawaii, I met Coriey.  We are both Wolfhounds to the core and we are both proud of that military heritage.  We both have experienced loss due to suicide from that unit we deployed with to Iraq.  The plan is to train other Wolfhounds to be Resiliency Coaches through 22Zero. We will crash one of the upcoming Wolfhound Reunions and help our buddies dealing with PTSD on the spot.  Providing veterans are willing to work on their stuff.

Coriey was excited at the beginning of the third day of training.  He said it was the very first time in years that he was able to sleep unassisted without self-medicating. Then we discussed the long term health benefits of being able to sleep without any assistance. This truly can change a person, a family a life.

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