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I was introduced to RTM by Dr. Janell Royster and the process had so much of a positive impact on my life.  Based on my own research of RTM prior to my first virtual meeting, I was very skeptical. However, after just one session I noticed a shift in my emotions.  I have been to numerous therapists who have used different approaches in their practice, but RTM is the first approach to therapy that has changed my emotional state.  RTM has helped me to dissociate feelings of anger, fear and helplessness by teaching me to play the script over and over in my mind until I can visualize the events forward and backward as a historical event that I cannot control instead of a memory linked to strong emotional reactions.  After my RTM sessions I felt calm.  I was very excited to see that my brain subconsciously applied the RTM process to other events in my past that I still felt anger, fear and or helplessness towards.  This generalization usually occurred while I was asleep.  I am so grateful for RTM and Dr. Royster.  Prior to this I spent years trying to process the events in my past, RTM has given me the gift of freeing myself from a lifetime of upsetting memories.

Thank You,



I’ve witnessed licensed clinicians and doctors studying NLP in various forms for years, never feeling competent to practice it.  RTM makes sense.

I’ve studied various modalities of talk therapy and traumatology.  While they set the stage for healing to occur, RTM clears the trauma by addressing the root issue.

Of the numerous brain-based interventions available, many can be overwhelming to the client, as well as the practitioner.  Just stick to the script, and the results speak for themselves.  You’ll see the relief from years, sometimes decades of emotional weight and pain be lifted from the client.  It truly is awe-inspiring. 

Norman H. Bissel, LMHC


My experience with RTM was eye opening.  I never fully realized that I held on to so much baggage from the past.  I agreed to do RTM to understand the process and how it will help me to work through my past trauma.  I am grateful that I was chosen, but I believe it chose me.  RTM is good for everyone. I am a Navy veteran and was able to use this as an outlet to process the past when Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) did not help.  I look forward to seeing others like myself being released from former burdens and to be prosperous in society and help others in any way that is possible.  I would like to thank 22Zero for letting us be a part of the future of successful healing.



The RTM Protocol made me feel 100% better. I was giggling after telling the story. I felt much lighter. I do not feel any negative emotional reaction to the traumatic event. When I think about the event now, I feel the same emotionally, as I do when I run an errand or going to Target. As a police officer, it gives me reassurance that I will not be permanently scarred by the traumatic events I see on the job. I have the ability now to process the information during these events differently now that I have run RTM.

Joanna, Testimonal of Treatment


I recently participated in the RTM experience led by Dr. Janell Royster and was surprised at the change in emotional stress before and after the sessions. I spent thirty years in the public safety field and believe that this process could be beneficial to current and former first responders. It would be a benefit for officer wellness programs.

Bobby Kipper, Testimonal of Treatment

Q & A About RTM with a Retired U.S. Navy Veteran


What was your initial thoughts about the RTM Protocol before receiving it?

I had serious doubts with RTM prior to starting. I knew I didn’t want to go the medication route to numb my PTSD problems, but I also thought that there is no way that this process could work but I wanted relief from what I was dealing with and especially the sleep problems, depression and defensiveness.

What differences are you experiencing after the RTM Protocol?  How are you feeling now? 

It is incredible, but it seems that all my PTSD regarding the events have resided. It has been 11 days since we went through the treatment and I have no sense of guilt or shame and I feel ok with what I witnessed, and it also has subsided all my concerns over my 28-year career in the military (deaths, accidents, arrests, war zones, etc.).  I am sleeping better, and I feel much more engaged with my family, I hid from the world for almost 2 years and caused a lot of problems that now need to be resolved with my wife and three children. I am not as defensive as I was prior to treatment and I feel that I am actively participating with my family again.

Would you recommend this Protocol to other Veterans?  If yes, why?

I recommend this to Veterans that are contending with PTSD, I had doubts even while going through the treatment but compared to my options of continued depression or medications what did I have to lose. It is incredible to say that I feel like there is hope and to break free of my traumatic memories and to move forward actively engaged in life again.  It worked for me and I believe that it will work for any veteran that suffers from PTSD.

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