The Resiliency Project

The Resiliency Project


Q & A About The Resiliency Project with a Retired U.S. Navy Veteran


What was your initial thoughts about the Resiliency Coaching before receiving it?

I had serious doubts with Resiliency Coaching prior to starting. I knew I didn’t want to go the medication route to numb my PTSD problems, but I also thought that there is no way that this process could work but I wanted relief from what I was dealing with and especially the sleep problems, depression and defensiveness.

What differences are you experiencing after the Resiliency Coaching?  How are you feeling now? 

It is incredible, but it seems that all my PTSD regarding the events have resided. It has been 11 days since we went through the treatment and I have no sense of guilt or shame and I feel ok with what I witnessed, and it also has subsided all my concerns over my 28-year career in the military (deaths, accidents, arrests, war zones, etc.).  I am sleeping better, and I feel much more engaged with my family, I hid from the world for almost 2 years and caused a lot of problems that now need to be resolved with my wife and three children. I am not as defensive as I was prior to treatment and I feel that I am actively participating with my family again.

Would you recommend this Protocol to other Veterans?  If yes, why?

I recommend this to Veterans that are contending with PTSD, I had doubts even while going through the treatment but compared to my options of continued depression or medications what did I have to lose. It is incredible to say that I feel like there is hope and to break free of my traumatic memories and to move forward actively engaged in life again.  It worked for me and I believe that it will work for any veteran that suffers from PTSD.

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Find Your Resilience

Get your life and your family back with the assistance of 22Zero. We use resilience tools to address negative emotions and traumatic emotions that may lead to PTS. We have several certified RTM Protocol coaches which is a process that is scientifically researched and is listed as an effective treatment with emerging evidence for PTS. Our Tactical Resilience is a separate process we are developing requiring no content. Both processes use a series of safe visualizations. The RTM Protocol re-processes the memory and moves it into long term no longer immediately accessible, and without the annoyance of the emotion tied to the event. The Tactical Resiliency Process has similar results, and our own research is underway.