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22ZERO and our WHY, HOW, and WHAT we do.


At 22Zero we believe there is a better way to heal from trauma, it is why we developed the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) and the Emotions Clearing Technique (ECT) and we are now sharing it with the world. 


How we are doing this is challenging the status quo with the VA, Big Pharma, and modern mental health. Our first research project showed 98.4 percent success at eliminating PTSD symptoms.


What we are doing is contributing to restoring the lives of America’s sons and daughters that put a uniform on for a purpose bigger than self.  

The Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) and the Emotions Clearing Technique (ECT) will Heal the Hero.

After TRP and ECT a veteran’s wife puts it as real as it gets:

“He gets to finally live rather than just resisting the desire to die”.  Jessica M.

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There’s a Better Way

There’s a Better Way

There's a Better Way   Why we do what we do At 22Zero, we believe there's a better way to treat PTSD and heal from trauma; we developed the Tactical Resiliency Process and shared it with the world. The only way we can move forward on the battlefield with trauma is...

Tactical Resiliency Process Research Group 1

Tactical Resiliency Process Research Group 1

Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) Research Group One Over September 12-13 a weekend, 12 Licensed Mental Health Professionals gave 17 hours away from their families to learn a new skill, called the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP).  Two of the therapists are from...

eliminating the symptoms of PTSD for the men and women who serve their communities and country, by connecting them with the breakthrough treatment


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Develop Resilience

Get your life and your family back with the assistance of your battle buddies at 22Zero. We use resilience tools to address negative emotions and traumatic emotions that may lead to PTSD.   Our Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP)  is a process we developed requiring no content. It's a process we call sight/sensory separation. TRP and Emotions Clearing Technique (ECT) use a series of safe visualizations, that separate the emotions from traumatic events or severe negative emotions.

The Tactical Resiliency Process and Emotions Clearing Technique are about to be researched as we begin our very own research project with an incarcerated group of veterans preparing to reintegrate back into society from Miami, Florida. Stay tuned!