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In Honor Of Sgt. Benjamin Jerome Arnell

 There is a better way to Heal our heroes

22Zero is a 501 (c) 3, nonprofit

Many of the heroes of 9-11 still struggle to this day. Please watch and share this FREE Documentary  “Healing the Heroes of 9-11”. Support this passion project if you can and prepare to see something you can never unsee.

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WHY we do what we do

We believe there is a better way to deal with traumatic emotions and negative emotions affecting our day-to-day lives.  We developed the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) which is the heart of our interventions. They are the Trauma Resiliency-Protocol (TRP) and the Emotions Management Process (EMP).

HOW we do it

We challenge the status quo by developing research on effective treatments such as TRP/EMP, and we were able to show 100 clients were successful at eliminating the symptoms of PTSD in our “Testing the Model” study. We completed a second study with 100 more clients in “Validating the Model” to show all of them were PTSD-free as well. The third study showed 66 children also became PTSD-Free, all of them! Let that sink in!

Our success-based practice is very successful at neutralIZING PTSD symptoms across multiple studies.

“The Brain does the work with or without your permission if visuals are done correctly.”

WHAT we do

We are contributing to a purpose and restoring the lives of America’s sons and daughters that put a uniform on for a purpose much bigger than self.

22ZERO’s Mission

PTSD is an injury that can now heal just as quickly as it happens. Our approach works. We are seeing results daily among veterans (all branches of the U.S. Military), first responders (LEO, 9-11 Dispatch, FF, EMS), spouses and minor children living in the home, and Gold Star Families, at no cost to mission clients, from America.

After TRP and EMP, a veteran’s wife puts it as real as it gets:

“He gets to finally live rather than just resisting the desire to die”.  Jessica M.
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Our Why


On April 15, 2018 22ZERO was spoken into existence in efforts to find healing for the founder and those that served like him. We were supporting another nonprofit using a neurological intervention for PTSD only, which is half of the problem, negative emotions like anger, rage, anxiety and depression are the others…

To date, we have trained 324 peer coaches that are veterans, US Border Patrol Agents, Deputy Sheriffs, Police Officers, Firefighters, Florida National Guard, and the Florida Air National Guard, and an an Active Duty Special Forces Chaplain.“We are our brothers’ and our sisters’ healers”

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