9/11 Heroes Heal from Trauma 20+ Years Later

June 16, 2024
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Nick Davis, Board of Directors, President, and Growth Development Committee Leader, & Founding Member of 22ZERO, was interviewed by WEX Wakeup.

In 1997, I enlisted in the USAF as an F-16 crew chief. I was deployed twice to the Middle East for Operation Southern Watch. Before my enlistment ended, I was selected to the 9th Air Force Viper Demonstration Team in which we did many air shows across the country in conjunction with the Blue Angels.

22ZERO and the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) are a calling to my soul. I have personally seen just how powerful TRP is and how it can save families and lives right in front of your eyes! Our Veterans, First Responders, and communities need and deserve this. Getting the training and information in the hands of more individuals to help us stomp out PTSD is at the forefront of my mind every day and the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) along with 22ZERO IS the vehicle to help us deliver on that need!

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the documentary, Healing the Heroes of 9-11: The Way Forward linktr.ee/22zero, a Gier Productions, LLC was released as 22ZERO, healed first responders, who were present during 9/11 in New York and the Pentagon.


PTSD is an injury that can now heal just as quickly as it happens. Our approach works. We are seeing results daily among veterans (all branches of the U.S. Military), first responders (LEO, 9-11 Dispatch, FF, EMS), spouses and minor children living in the home, and Gold Star Families, at no cost to mission clients, from America.


We believe there is a better way to deal with traumatic emotions and negative emotions affecting our day-to-day lives. We developed the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) which is the heart of our interventions. They are the Trauma Resiliency-Protocol (TRP) and the Emotions Management Process (EMP).


We are contributing to a purpose and restoring the lives of America’s sons and daughters that put a uniform on for a purpose much bigger than self.
Trauma in an injury that can heal.