Many of you saw the video of the vet that was so distraught because the VA had failed him. As you may know the video went viral and Joe even did several interviews on Fox News Media.

Joe contacted Pamela Potts- Arnell, Ed.D and Nick Davis and I worked with him over the last 2 weeks.

His transformation after just 2 sessions is nothing short of spectacular! And this without needing to relive the trauma. Just read his testimonial!

This is why 22ZERO exists! WE STAND IN THE GAP! We don’t just help, WE HEAL!

What an honor and blessing it is to be a part of this amazing organization!

From Joe:

“I need to take a moment to do a massive shout out to entire crew at

Pam, Todd and Nick  made immediate contact with me after I made my situation with the VA public. They stood in the Void between the VA and private mental health care had failed me. They were eager to assist in the process of being healed.

The sessions with this organization the last few weeks have been eye opening, unlike standard sessions I had attended in the past. And last night was the best session I’ve ever had.

My biggest fear was having to unload my story with someone new.. In their process…well it’s not part of it.

Last night, I had the best nights sleep I’ve probably had in months.

If any of my veteran brothers and sisters don’t know where to turn. Check them out, be open to change, trust the method and try it. You won’t be disappointed.”


Reposting the original video.. i have posted and update, please be sure to watch that, i knew that by sharing my all to common story and allowing myself to be vulnerable in front of the world that i might light a fire of change. Now we have national attention on this epidemic. 🙌🏼 #Vet #veteran #mentalhealth #veteransoftiktok #veteransaffairs #vets

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You can see the entire FOX NEWS interview here:

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