11 Million americans suffer with ptsd or TRAUMA

We offer 4 programs to those within our communities to help them triumph over PTSD/TRAUMA.

22Zero Programs

The Tactical Resiliency

Project Training

We have developed the curriculum and a process to train men and women on active duty military, first responders, corrections and prisons, 9-11 dispatchers, emergency medicine personnel, National Guard units, military reserves, and veterans with skills that they will be able to use immediately in order to build the resiliency skills necessary to bounce back from trauma and significant emotional events, and to coach others through the same process. The training requires the members to go through the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) and Emotions Clearing Technique (ECT) working on their own emotions and traumas. The TRP and ECT processes use zero content from the persons events and steers clear of any counseling language. The facts are we don’t need to know what they are working on. When the individual is trained they will be able to eliminate the negative emotions associated with traumatic memories using TRP or significant negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, shame, guilt, hurt or abandonment, etc., using ECT.  Let us train your organization to build resilient minds.

22Zero Programs

Battle Buddy Program/Resilience Coaching

This concept has evolved since we were founded, it was ultimately a way to plug veterans back in with other veterans for that human connection to a new tribe. But now we have a fully functioning coaching program, where veterans are trained to administer the resiliency coaching on a peer to peer level. We finished our first class of Resiliency Coaches in Tallahassee, FL Dec 7, 2019. Seven veterans have removed the symptoms of PTSD with 355 people as to the date of this posting on 7/7/2020. I will continue to periodically update these numbers. Now we can heal each other.

22Zero Programs

Bridge Builder Program

The heart of our mission – bridging individuals from our target communities (active military, military veterans, first responders and emergency medicine staff) to services that will help them quickly overcome the emotional suffering that could result from the traumas they have experienced in their roles serving our country and communities. 

22Zero Programs

Provider Expansion Program

There are so many in need of trauma counselling.

(11 million Nationally have PTSD)

The Provider Expansion Program allows us to expand the number of individuals who can provide therapies and treatments that are “user friendly” and effective. We help sponsor the certification of mental health therapists and counselors that are veterans or former first responders in our resiliency coaching or another effective treatment in order to help make these therapies and treatments more accessible to military, veterans, first responders or emergency medicine staff across the nation.

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Find Your Resilience

Get your life and your family back with the assistance of your battle buddies at 22Zero. We use resilience tools to address negative emotions and traumatic emotions that may lead to PTSD.   Our Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP)  is a process we developed requiring no content. It's a process we call sight/sensory separation. TRP and Emotions Clearing Technique (ECT) use a series of safe visualizations, that separate the emotions from traumatic events or severe negative emotions.

The Tactical Resiliency Process and Emotions Clearing Technique are about to be researched as we begin our very own research project with an incarcerated group of veterans preparing to reintegrate back into society from Miami, Florida. Stay tuned!