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As a survivor of SRA, I have the potential to be a bundle of triggers. It’s the nature of the beast. I’m still partially amnesic, which means I can be triggered & not even know for sure why.

My healing journey really kicked off when I got some memory recall & began to understand the true nature of my history. Over the years I’ve worked really hard on my healing with guidance & help from the Holy Spirit as He led me to people & processes & also gave me ideas.

As a result, I rarely experience gut punch triggers. But I have a lot of smaller triggers I’ve simply learned to manage. In fact I’ve learned to manage them so well, I rarely even recognize them as triggers.

There’s a core area in my life the SRAers especially worked on that I’ve never been able to find freedom in. I managed to get to a point where I could “handle” it, but that was about it. It’s been this way my whole life. I’ve tried to work through it & I prayed for years for healing, but just couldn’t move past it…until recently.

About a year & a half ago, I was re-traumatized in a whistleblower work related situation. It wasn’t SRA, but it did tap into those deep things & I lost a lot of ground. Athough I worked through a lot of it, I hit a wall I couldn’t move past.

Then Creator led me to the folks at 22Zero. They ran me through some protocols & I was able to push past that recent trauma wall. Because it tapped into so many other things, it took some time, but it happened. We started to working on other triggers & I decided to really put the protocols to the test by working on that one persistent core area trigger I could never get past.

I realized one of the difficulties was I’d experienced multiple types of trauma many times over many years. It wasn’t an event to overcome. It was a myriad of different types of interwoven events, which is why I wouldn’t always get triggered in exactly the same way in this area.

I took the tools they taught me & started running the protocols on myself on anything that even hinted at being a trigger in this core area. It took some doing. It didn’t happen overnight. But I am now FREE! I’ve been pushing the boundaries in this core area & I’m NOT GETTING TRIGGERED!

As a result of running these protocols in this core area, I’m noticing some changes.

For example, I’m recognizing how many triggers I’ve been managing. As I become aware of them, I run the protocols on them. The more triggers I process, the more triggers I become aware of in my life..

Another change is I have more hope. I’ve always had hope in Creator, but there have been many times when I just wished I could be done with this life. I wanted to go Home. No, I was not suicidal (although these protocols have helped many people avoid suicide). I was just in what I call a gray zone. I didn’t really want to die, but I didn’t really want to live. Constantly dealing with triggers, even when I’m not aware that’s what I’m doing, is very draining. That’s where I was when I started working with 22Zero.

Running these protocols has helped me get out of the gray zone. If I find myself slipping back into it, I identify the negative emotion that’s triggering it & I run the protocols on it.

Another change has to do with being partially amnesic. I recalled enough to have a pretty good idea what’s buried behind that veil & I’ve not wanted to remember any more. Any time I would get even a slight flash I would just automatically push it back down.

I find as I’m working through these triggers, I’m suddenly starting to get more flashes. But the difference is I no longer feel a need to push them back down. Now, I just make a mental note of them & recognize I need to run the protocols on whatever is popping up. Just like getting set free in that core area was huge, so is this.

Even though these protocols are not therapy & you don’t have to talk about the trauma, I found it a bit challenging to run through them. Thankfully, these folks are very patient. They worked with me to find a way to do the protocols based on my personality & how I operate.

Because of the myriad of triggers resulting from the SRA, I’ll probably be working these protocols for a while. But I’m okay with that. It’s all continuing forward moving progress!

I highly recommend this process & these people, whether you go through 22Zero or their partner organization Anxiety Guys. You have nothing to lose! (Except your triggers &/or anxiety!)