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Deputy Dunn

I’ve been a Deputy Sheriff for 23 years. During that time I’ve experienced traumas in the field and had to deal with negative emotions like survivors guilt. I also have battled with depression and a lot of negative self talk. This June I took part in the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) and the Emotions Management Process (EMP) training. I wanted to be able to help those in need find peace in their lives.

During part of the training I took part in the process as the recipient of the (TRP) coaching. I was able to work through the on duty death of a friend whom I witnessed. After completing the process I feel a considerable weight has lifted from me. In the days after the training I have noticed that my sleep cycles leave me more rested and my mind doesn’t seem to race at night like it used to.

I also benefited from the Emotions Management Process (EMP) . I processed negative emotions of worthlessness and fear that had followed me from my childhood. I was able to make the connections to the present day from my childhood and clear the stigma that I wasn’t able to before.

Dan and Dr. Royster along with Ms. Harris put on an outstanding class. Never have I left a training class feeling so empowered to help others. This training would benefit so many veteran advocates, first responders and health care professionals.