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Garrett Baccus

“22ZERO not only changed my life, it saved my life. I had suffered from Combat related PTS for almost 20 years. Finding help was literally impossible. After years of trying to get counseling, that never worked and ultimately made things worse, I had given up. I came to believe that my life with PTS was just how my life was. But, as many know, my PTS wasn’t just affecting my life. It was affecting my loved ones lives as well. My sister got me in touch with 22ZERO on a Wednesday night, and literally 3 days later I had my first (and only session needed) with Justin.

At the end of our session, I was emotional. For many reasons. Firstly, I felt an immediate weight had been lifted off my body. My shoulders literally started to ache, but in an amazing way. And, secondly (and in my mind most importantly), these strangers, men and women, who didn’t know me from Adam, had shown me kindness, compassion, and the desire to actually take time from their own lives, to help others who are struggling.

For years, I have avoided fireworks, large crowds, large social settings, and many other things that would trigger my PTS. I had my session with Justin on Saturday, 4 days later, I was at Universal Studios for a pre planned family vacation. A vacation I had been dreading since the initial planning began over a year ago. I had absolutely no issues, what so ever, during our vacation. Even after our session, my anxiety about going was significantly reduced.

I can not say enough great things about the folks at 22ZERO. From my initial conversation with Dan, to their intake coordinator Trisha, and my peer coach Justin. Everyone was extremely professional, kind, compassionate, and friendly. These people care about our Veterans, and it shows.

I have, and will continue to, stop and talk to every Veteran I see, and pass on my story, and the contact info for 22ZERO. It is important to remember our Veterans, and get them the help they need.
I laugh more, I have more hope for my future, and a brighter outlook on life. I’m going to school, going to the gym, and looking forward to the things to come. Life is good.

So, if you’re reading this, stop, contact these amazing people, and get the help you deserve. It will literally change your life.

I do want to thank Wiley-X for their continued efforts with the Military and our Veterans. They don’t just talk about supporting those of us who use their products, they actually put their money where their mouth is. I want to thank Jay from Operation Healing Heroes. He took the time to immediately help a brother. And, the work that organization is doing is amazing. I have to thank Dan, one of the founders of 22ZERO. He literally got my journey to healing started in less than 24 hours. He is an amazing guy, and loves his military brothers and sisters. Trisha, the intake coordinator for 22ZERO, was so sweet. You can tell that she loves what she is doing, and is extremely grateful to be helping us in our path to healing. Justin, my peer coach, who took time out of his Saturday afternoon to talk with me, and guide me through our session. I can’t begin to thank him enough. One day, I hope to shake his hand and hug the man that gave me my life back. Lastly, my sister, Miriam. Who has always been supportive, kind, loving, and compassionate towards me and my struggle with PTS. I am so proud of her, and all she does. A big brother couldn’t ask for a better little sister. I love you all.

Thanks for reading this review, and my experience with 22ZERO. I hope it helps someone. But, seriously, stop reading and call these amazing people. You won’t regret it.”