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Kyle Morris

My time in the military was like most—a bit of the good and bad. I spent 6 years as a surgical tech and saw my fair share of things. When I got out, however, I was left with more burdens than I expected though I was in a very dark place, going over what had happened while I was in, the dread of being a civilian and not having that structure anymore, and bad family life/finances. I fell into a pit of escapism and drug use that ended frankly at my own rock bottom, the lowest point I’ve ever been.

My best friend, Mike, who is also a coach of 22Zero however, was always looking out for me. After a slight recovery period in my life, he reached out and wanted to try this new program on me. I had been going to therapy, trying self-meditation, and the works, but was still slipping into some bad habits. So I said sure go ahead, I hadn’t much to lose from trying something new. I’m glad I took that first step.

After going through the TRP process with him…it was like waking up out of a dream, I was a bit confused, didn’t even feel like it really worked. Then I started noticing things, I was sleeping better for one, as someone with sleep apnea it’s hard to get that good night’s rest, but all of a sudden I was sleeping like a log, waking up actually feeling refreshed and energized. The anxiety and stress that were my common companions had left and I felt that I could breathe again, and lead a normal life.

So when Mike reached out again to ask if I’d like to help other Veterans and First Responders, I jumped at the opportunity. I met some incredible people, willing to use their time and spread this amazing process with everyone. Even Dan, the Founder of 22Zero was able to get me through and out of my negative outlook on the world throughout the training program. I can honestly say that nowadays I look back and laugh that I ever let myself get so low in the first place. Having helped multiple clients myself, I can see this process truly works, not just for me but for anyone who tries it. I look forward to helping many other people take that first little step. 

U.S. Army Veteran,

Kyle Morris