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Melanie L.

“I had the opportunity to attend Westgate Resorts 2022 Military Weekend. The one thing I was most interested in was the PTSD seminar they were having Saturday. With me starting my job at the VA working specifically in the PTSD department I figured this would be beneficial. Man oh man was I not prepared for what I was going to experience.

I met the 22ZERO team at their booth Friday night when we arrived. I met with Dr. Pam Arnell, Nick Davis and Dan Jarvis. I listened to them tell their stories about how this nonprofit started. How they have such a passion to bring change to those who are struggling and it didn’t necessarily have to be military related. During our conversation I found out they were the ones holding the seminar the next day. Which made me more intrigued but still a little skeptical. I’m an analytical thinker I need to know the ins and outs of everything.

The night before I still had tons of questions how exactly this process would work. Saturday morning I attended their seminar, were they dove deeper into detail about their nonprofit.

They explained how the process works and how beneficial it can be. I immediately became overwhelmed which led to the opportunity of me getting to work with Dr. Pam. After my 45 minute session with Dr. Pam, I honestly had never felt so calm and a weight lifted off my chest. I also had the best night of sleep that I’ve had in awhile.

If you’re struggling I would highly recommend reaching out to them. Don’t let skepticism steal your healing. It gave me something that medication and therapy could never do.”