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Michelle Franklin

“22ZERO was an amazing experience for me. 14 years as a 911 dispatcher left me with a lot of accumulative trauma and a couple of very specific traumatic incidents that negatively affected my life. My sleeping was off, eating was off, headaches were constant and my anxiety was heightened like never before. 22ZERO helped me with their protocol.

My coach, Terry, was absolutely amazing and so very patient with me. Trisha did my assessment before and after my session and the numbers were shocking – then again, it almost wasn’t a surprise to see the drop in the my numbers after my session considering how great I felt. Anyone who has experienced trauma, big or small, should use 22ZERO to help the mind process through it in a healthy manner.

There is no need to keep suffering when a 90 minute session can do wonders for you – it did for me and I am so grateful. Thank you 22ZERO!”