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Sandi Dakers

“I have been dealing with anxiety and anger issues due to my work as a 911 dispatcher. I thought it was something that you are just supposed to deal with, and are expected to just move along.

Before this program I was very anxious and scared. In order to compensate I was very angry at the world. I was completely miserable, and was affecting my life.

This program has completely changed how I process things, and has given me the gift of calm and clarity.

With this treatment, things that would have once been a cyclone into anxiety and trigger an anger response are observed and shuffled along. I can now say I experience joy and contentment, and I feel happy.

I am so grateful for this program, and will tell everyone I can.

Thank you so much Teigan for being a superstar! She is so supportive and kind, and guided me back to my life. Thank you!”