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Shawn Bertholf

“22ZERO has made a SIGNIFICANT impact in my life. I feel like a new man in many ways. I can talk about events that happened in my life and career which I couldn’t do previously without having a physical, emotional, or psychological reaction.

One treatment with Tammy Laird did more for me than 15 years in therapy!! I am beyond grateful to Tammy and 22ZERO. I believe they have given me the start to a new chapter in life with a lot to be optimistic about.

In addition, this is BY FAR the MOST RESPONSIVE Organization I have EVER come across!! I was referred to 22ZERO by a friend (former Army Ranger/Police Detective/now Psychologist) that I trusted. I called and spoke with Dan Jarvis on a Wednesday evening. I received a call from an intake specialist who was the sweetest person on Thursday morning!! Later that afternoon I received a call from Tammy to do a pre-assessment. We scheduled the first treatment for the coming Monday afternoon! I was in SHOCK at how quickly everything happened.

I know it can be intimidating. Most treatments I’ve researched for PTSD require you to re-live any trauma that happened. Who wants to do that? This treatment was the first I’d ever come across that didn’t require you to re-live your trauma. I highly recommend trying this before you try anything else.

While I don’t believe (IMHO) there are any cures for PTSD, this has allowed me to face several significant challenges in life since treatment with patience, grace and mindful responses.

If I was standing at the top, I would SCREAM from the Mountaintop to all my brothers and sisters who served and struggle with PTSD, Trauma, or negative emotions, “Try 22ZERO!! You have NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!!””