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Tia W. May

Before my session my life was absolute chaos, through most of the 40 years I’ve survived until recently. 

That’s because a good friend of mine introduced me to 22Zero, and from the moment I finished my session I knew my life was about to change. 

I spent so long drowning in self hate, held back  by self sabotaging behaviors, battling the fear of my sleep, and wishing my life would end every day. 

I would look into the mirror and tear myself down deep into the dirt daily, and remind myself that I was unworthy of my life or any happiness…I simply did not deserve it. Trauma can have some massively dark side effects, and I’m pretty sure I felt all of them. 

The last months leading up to my session I was screaming out for help, and being failed by the Mental Health Care System. I was absolutely desperate, at the end of my rope losing grip. 

Within days of reaching out to 22Zero they stuck out their hands, and pulled me up out of the dark hole I was in. Like a fellow soldier pulling a wounded battle buddy out of a deep fox hole, words will never be able to describe just how amazing that felt. 

I now volunteer my time to promote 22Zero, and I will until I take my last breath. They saved my life, and I can’t wait to see how many more lives we save together. 

Healing your Trauma is The Key To Your Freedom. 

Reach out right now if you’re struggling, it could be the greatest day of your life. 

So far it’s mine.