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Todd Stewart

“Last night Pamela Arnell, Ed.D took me through the Emotions Management Process and Tactical Resiliency Process and I honestly don’t know if I can properly articulate the profound impact this has had on me. EMDR therapy was a great help to me and significantly reduced the nightmares associated with my #PTSI, but EMP/TRP seems to have taken this to another level.

I can only describe it as a feeling of ‘lightness’ as if a great weight has been lifted from me. Negative emotions I have carried since childhood, carried up to my Lord and Savior and literally handed to Him.

Those burdensome emotions were replaced by the embrace of a loving God (Note: I want to make it clear that this explicitly Christian aspect of the process was only done because Pamela and I share a strong faith and she knew I would welcome it wholeheartedly).

After our session I felt a wave of serenity come over me like nothing I had experienced in many years. Last night I slept deeply, and restful sleep.

This morning the hyper-vigilance that had been even more disruptive than usual lately was just gone. The constant anticipation of danger, the gut-clenching feeling of impending calamity has been replaced by a calm awareness of my surroundings. I can sense my brain still processing all of this. Even K9 Ferro seems very aware that something has changed in Dad.

Thank you Pamela, Daniel Jarvis, Trisha Paquette, Tammy Lynn Laird, Terry Peters and everyone who patiently worked to get me here. God bless you all!

How do I repay such a profound gift? By training as a 22ZERO resiliency coach and giving the gift of healing to as many of my brothers and sisters as I can. To every 1st Responder, and veteran that is struggling, you can #FeelTheHeal. Please, right now, go to 22ZERO and begin the journey to healing!”