David Kassander Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

David Kassander

David began his life in public service as a United States Air Force communications officer. During his career, he was fortunate to experience many different missions such as communications operations and maintenance, satellites and space systems acquisition, Intelligence systems development, and providing direct support to the National Command Authority including the President while on Air Force One.

David continues his support of the Department of Defense and other Government agencies as an engineer and project leader for a Federally Funded Research and Development Center. This allows him to continue supporting our military members with high technology solutions and solve mission critical problems to high value operations. After 25 years, he transitioned to a part-time role, working only on special projects so he can devote more time to the 22Zero mission.

David met Dan Jarvis, founder of 22ZERO, a few years ago at an American Legion event raising money to support organizations like Dan’s and help increase public awareness of the 22 military members we lose every day to suicide. Dan told him about available training and David jumped at the chance to learn how to clear PTS symptoms from veterans. He signed up and completed the course 2 weeks later. What David saw during the training – the almost immediate elimination of symptoms in a veteran with significant PTS – changed not only that veteran’s life, but David’s as well giving him a new mission. He joined 22ZERO to become one of the initial group of peer coaches.