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Nick Davis Headshot

Nick Davis

President and Lead Trainer of 22ZERO

Nick started his career in the USAF as an F-16 crew chief and was stationed at Shaw AFB, SC. During his enlistment Nick was deployed multiple times to the Middle...

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Dr. Pamela Arnell Headshot

Dr. Pamela Arnell

Executive Director

As of November 5th, 2022, Dr. Arnell became the Executive Director for 22Zero Follow Me, Inc. Dr. Arnell also provides marketing, speaking at conferences for 22Zero, providing co-training for the...

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Joe Nigra Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Joe Nigra

Vice President

Joe Nigra is a Director of Maintenance for a corporate flight department based in Baltimore, MD. He began his aviation career serving in the United States Marine Corps as a...

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Will Power Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Will Power

William Power. I have worked 25 years in law enforcement about an hour outside of Tampa, Florida. I’ve worked as a 911 operator and held a position in: community policing,...

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David Kassander Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

David Kassander

David began his life in public service as a United States Air Force communications officer. During his career, he was fortunate to experience many different missions such as communications operations...

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Justin Rasik Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Justin Rasik

Justin Rasik, US Army Combat Veteran. Deployed to Afghanistan in 2005-2006. His life was saved by 22zero and he is truly honored to work with those he gets to through...

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Terry Peters Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Terry Peters


I have been working with and helping people for most of my adult life. I have always been passionate about helping others and lived that dream working as a police...

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Rishna Gracie Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Rishna Gracie

Rishna Gracie was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is a member of the Gracie Family, known for the creation of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Rishna has always had a passion...

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Karen Meece Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Karen Meece

Karen Meece was an Army spouse for 19 years before her husband Chris was medically retired in 2022. Wearing many hats of wife, mum to three children, homeschool mum, volunteer,...

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David Dachinger Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

David Dachinger

David Dachinger is a retired Fire Lieutenant and EMT with over 21 years as a leader in emergency services. He has written department policy, instructed fire/rescue training, and written fitness...

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Sam Horwitz Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Sam Horwitz

Sam Horwitz is a 9/11 First Responder, former United States Secret Service Agent, author, and Co-Founder of A Badge of Honor, a non-profit, which provides post-traumatic stress awareness and suicide...

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Suzan Headshot, 22ZERO Coach


Suzan is a full time missionary for Family Life Ministries and she and her husband Kyle offer biblical mentoring in Pennsylvania. Her background is in counseling psychology, and she was...

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Greg Meyer Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Greg Meyer

Greg Meyer is a 14 year Marine Infantry Officer, splitting time between Active Duty and the Reserves. He currently works in Medical Devices as a Regional Vice President. Greg is...

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Nichole Fuller Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Nichole Fuller

Nichole Fuller, a loving, dedicated spouse and mother of Military Veterans with a background in teaching and entrepreneurship. Originally from southern Oregon, Nicholes life journey took her to Washington before...

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Chaplain Todd Stewart Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Chaplain Todd Stewart

Chaplain Todd Stewart is an injury retired firefighter who served with the Federal Way, WA Fire Department from 1982 until 1988 when he suffered a back injury fighting a house...

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Tim Falter Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Tim Falter

I’m a Lieutenant/Paramedic in a west-central Florida fire department. I serve in many roles there, but my most cherished role is the coordinator for our peer support program for the...

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Pastor Greg Smith Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Pastor Greg Smith

Pastor Greg Smith is a native of Kings Mountain, North Carolina USA. While serving in the US Air Force stationed in England in 1983, he and his wife Dana felt...

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David Tuck Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

David Tuck

David Tuck was a career law enforcement officer with the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. He began his career in 1996 at the age of 22, where he served...

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Gary Brohard Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Gary Brohard

Born and raised in Illinois. Joined Army after graduating high school. First tour 1983-1987, Tactical Satellite and Microwave Systems Operator. One year break in service. From 1988 to 2005, Explosive...

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