Terry Peters Headshot, 22ZERO Coach

Terry Peters


I have been working with and helping people for most of my adult life. I have always been passionate about helping others and lived that dream working as a police officer serving the community I was born and raised in for over 30 years (1989-2020). I personally chose to retire when I was fully able to accept the toll the stress of the job was taking on my overall physical and mental health.

After retiring I moved in the direction of health coaching as a way to continue helping others. While trying to find my way in the private sector, in February 2022 I found 22ZERO. After personally going through the process as a way to help myself heal from my past lived experiences I was trained and brought on as a contracted resilience coach. I had also continued moving forward in my private practice. One of the reasons I personally love the coaching world is because it’s based on positive psychology. I am able to incorporate my education and love for health and fitness while helping others. After starting my private practice I also worked towards and obtained my National Board Certification as a Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC).

My passion for health and fitness was also instrumental in leading me towards competing in bodybuilding ultimately winning over 15 titles as a nationally competitive sponsored athlete (1991-1998).

I hold a Masters Degree (MA) in Counseling/Psychology and an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology.

As a coach I am able to incorporate my life experiences, education and passion for health and wellness in order to provide a high level of service for both my personal clients and those I work with through 22ZERO.