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Danny Davis

“I cannot even begin to express gratitude to 22ZERO.. the fear, the anxiety, the tormenting dreams. Diagnosed with severe PTSD, severe anxiety, severe depression, it seemed hopeless. I couldn’t even work a full day without having to go home because of the crippling anxiety that I had. I put my two weeks notice in at a job that I absolutely loved, I couldn’t do it anymore, because the anxiety was so strong and the fear was so strong that my skin was burning, I could physically feel it burn.

I knew that the anxiety, depression, and PTSD was gonna end up killing me. I had given up all hope because it seemed extremely hopeless..

It wasn’t until I had posted online about the horrible life that I was living. That’s when a veteran had reached out to me and told me about 22zero.

The moment Tammy reached out to me, is the moment that I knew that I was going to be OK. The very first conversation that I had with her I knew that she cared more than anybody that had ever come in contact with. I didn’t have to worry about a judgmental person asking too many questions… I’d finally found a safe place.

She saved my life.

I didn’t know what to think at first because being vulnerable is always scary, but the thing is, I didn’t have to say one thing about the trauma that I went through. I didn’t have to relive anything. I trusted the process. It took a few sessions. But it freakin WORKED!!

Today I have zero anxiety. I have zero PTSD. I have zero depression. I can finally sleep at night. I find it weird because I’ve never had this freedom before and I didn’t know that this type of freedom was available to someone like me.

My marriage is better. My quality of life is better. My relationships all around me are better. I could not be happier right now because I’m not scared anymore., I’m not mad anymore, I’m not paranoid anymore, I don’t have to relive anything anymore, all because 22zero loves unconditionally..

Thank you 22ZERO for being there when I didn’t even know how to be there for myself.”