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We are in a unique position to be directly connected with the organization that has developed the next generation treatment for trauma, (The RTM Protocol) whether diagnosed PTSD or traumatic memories that are not diagnosed, we can eliminate the emotions associated with the traumatic memories. We can utilize these skills to rapidly resolve the trauma an individual is facing and with no cost to our community of veterans, military, first responders and their families.

About 22Zero

Dan Jarvis

Executive Director, President of the Board
Dan's Credentials
  • Masters of Public Administration, from Central Michigan University U.S.
  • Army retired, Sergeant First Class (E-7)
  • Deputy Sheriff retired
  • Former U.S. Army Drill Sergeant
  • Certification in The Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM) Protocol
  • Certification in Core Transformation
  • Certification in TimeLine Therapy
  • Certification in NLP
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Retired Army SFC Dan Jarvis was deployed to a combat zone in Afghanistan in 2011. Shortly after his arrival, he stepped on a pressure plate and detonated an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) five feet from his position on the patrol. The IED inflicted a traumatic brain injury. He insisted on continuing to lead his troops on the battlefield instead of convalescing, however the Battalion surgeon ordered him out for a week before rejoining his Soldiers. After weeks of no sleep, as a result of the IED blast, he led his squad on a mission to escort an explosive team to defuse a bomb found by another Platoon. His role in the lead vehicle was to detect IEDs on the route, to ensure safe passage for the other vehicles in the convoy. An undetected IED exploded under the fourth vehicle in the convoy, taking the life of SPC Doug Cordo. Dan felt responsible for the loss of one of his Soldiers.

Near the end of his deployment, Dan received a Red Cross message informing him that his mother was deathly ill. He immediately left Afghanistan and headed to the United States in hopes of seeing his mom before she took her last breath. Unfortunately, he did not make it in time to say good-bye before she died, which weighed heavily on him. After her funeral, Dan returned to his assigned duty station in Fairbanks, Alaska. Burdened under the weight of such guilt and still unable to sleep, Dan self-medicated with alcohol, binge drinking each night until he feel asleep.

On the night of March 2, 2013, he contemplated suicide – eyeing the rifle in the corner and convincing himself that it would be easy to end the mental torture. Hearing the pitter-patter of little feet on the floor of the apartment above him, he realized he would potentially endanger those kids if a bullet was fired. Not long after, he passed out from the alcohol. He awoke the next morning to a call informing him that one of the soldiers from his former Platoon, SPC Corey Smathers, had shot and killed himself the night prior. Questioning how they missed the signs that Smathers was struggling, Dan realized that he too was masking the signs from those he knew and loved. Dan and the other men struggled emotionally as they grieved their fellow brother and Soldier. Watching the men struggle and worrying that he may “green light” one of them to do the same, Dan resolved that he would not take his own life. However, the mental torture remained as did the binge drinking each night.

Due to multiple combat injuries, Dan medically retired from the Army on September 11, 2014 and returned home to Winter Haven, Florida. He quickly busied himself by reentering the law enforcement profession. Mutual friends introduced Dan to his future wife in January 2015, whom he married in April 2016. All the while, he hid his struggles and the need to self-medicate. Unfortunately, his combat injuries forced his retirement from law enforcement in May of 2017.

With little to occupy his time, the weight of his military experiences, and transition out of service began to manifest more visibly in his drinking, depression, nightmares, night sweats, and negative outlook. His wife strongly encouraged him to seek help, and he contacted the local VA Office. The VA diagnosed Dan with Post Traumatic Stress and began to treat him with prolonged exposure therapy, which tormented him nearly as much as the trauma he had experienced. He opted not to continue this line of treatment.

Months later, Dan met Dr. Frank Bourke who developed the Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM) Protocol, a breakthrough treatment in PTSD. Dan’s experience with alternative therapies was so life-changing that he was compelled to help others find the same relief from traumatic memories.

The 22 Zero Team

About 22Zero

Kim Garrett

VP of Law Enforcement Relations
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For 31 years, Kimberly Garrett served the Polk County, FL, community as a law enforcement officer. She retired from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office at the rank of Lieutenant in 2015. Kim returned to the Sheriff’s Office in 2017, and currently serves as a Property/Evidence Paraprofessional. She also operates her own business, Audio 2 Ink Transcriptions, LLC.

Kim holds a Bachelor Degree in Organizational Management from Warner University, is a Certified Public Manager (Florida State University), is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute 122nd Administrative Officers Course (University of Louisville), and is trained in Crisis Intervention.

Kim is fully committed to the mission of 22Zero, and is passionately contributing her time, experience, and talents to saving lives.

About 22Zero

Jeff Messner

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Jeff Messner grew up in Winter Haven, Florida. He graduated from Winter Haven High School where he met Dan Jarvis, a fellow wrestler for the Winter Haven Blue Devils.

After graduating from the University of Central Florida in 1995, Jeff worked for a few national corporations before starting his own advertising/publishing company in 2000. His company served churches by providing publications free of charge to the church, paid for by advertisers.

Building his company to a national platform set the stage for its sale in 2012. Jeff fulfilled a five year management relationship as the Senior Vice President of Sales before moving on professionally. Now, Jeff serves as the Chief Revenue Officer for Liturgical Publications, Inc.

Jeff grew up in a close-knit home where stewardship was the standard. He’s been married to his wife, Teri, for 22 years and has three college age daughters and an 11-year old son. Throughout his life he’s made full stewardship a hallmark of his existence. For the past 10 years, he’s served as the chair for his church’s Pastoral Committee. He’s also served on the St Joseph Catholic School Board, the Impact Volleyball Academy board, as well a guest mentor for the University of Notre Dame Business Leadership program.

Jeff’s humbled to serve on the board of 22Zero and fully believes in its mission and potential to positively impact so many lives!

About 22Zero

Mark Newby

VP of Military Relations
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Mark Newby has dedicated the majority of his life to service, retiring as a US Army Lt. Colonel after 27 years. During this time, as part of U.S. Central Command’s Anti-terrorism and Force Protection Program, he led tens of thousands of military personnel in 20 different countries, including two combat zones. Mark also served as the Lead Trainer of Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) Senior Level Leaders in Baghdad, Iraq for two years. He was Lead Planner for multiple Counter Anti-Narcotic Terrorism Missions throughout Central America, seizing over $200M in contraband. Mark was responsible for managing a $3.7M annual operating budget. He currently is an Analyst/Senior Simulation Work Station Controller for the Mission Command Training Program.

Mark holds a Masters of Science Degree in Administration from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Mark is committed to the cause and brings a depth of experience and knowledge to help accomplish our mission.

About 22Zero

Dr. Janell Royster

Mental Health Committee
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Dr. Janell Royster served in the USAF as a surgical technician in the 1990s.  She currently holds a master’s degree and a doctorate in Industrial-organizational psychology as well as a master’s degree in Mental Health Counselling.  Dr. Royster is also currently pursuing a second Doctorate in Educational Leadership.  She is currently pursuing licensure to be able to practice in 5 states. 

Dr. Royster operates her own practice, focusing on the health and wellness of veterans, active military, first responders and their families.  Dr. Royster also has a passion to help children that have been traumatized by life experiences in order to get them back on track to healthy living.

Dr. Royster currently serves on the Virginia Clinical Counselor’s Alliance as the current treasurer for 2019-2021.  Past boards have included Indiana and Illinois Counselors Associations, between 2014-2017.

She has served on the American Counselors Association Committee for Human Rights from 2018-2019.  Dr. Royster spent 2016-2017 as a member and conference coordinator for Safe Coalition for Human Rights.

Dr. Royster completed training for the Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM) Protocol in NYC, NY in January 2020.  She’s now a certified practitioner of RTM and has since already completed over 100 individual sessions. Healing the PTSD of 40 clients in a very short period. (8 weeks).  The youngest client Dr. Royster has worked with is 8 years of age and the eldest is 103.

Dr. Royster is such a force in her field and has already become a trainer for the RTM Protocol. 

Dr. Royster is fully committed to the mission of 22Zero, as the sponsoring organization for her training and has also accepted a board position with 22Zero to establish a mental health advisory committee.

About 22Zero

Nick Davis

VP and Growth Development Committee Leader, & Founding Member, Certified Practitioner of the RTM Protcol
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Nick Davis, Board of Directors, Vice President and Growth Development Committee Leader, & Founding Member, Certified Practitioner of the RTM Protcol
Growing up in Bennington, Vermont most of my time was spent hunting, fishing, and just being outdoors. It was my grandfather, William E Fisher, a WWII Army veteran who sparked my passion to serve our country.  In 1997, I enlisted in the USAF as an F-16 crew chief.  I was deployed twice to the Middle East for Operation Southern Watch.  Before my enlistment ended, I was selected to the 9th Air Force Viper Demonstration Team in which we did many airshows across the country in conjunction with the Blue Angels. 
After being honorably discharged in July of 2001 I spent the next 11 years in aviation, the bulk of those years as a flight technician for General Electric.  I would see some 50+ countries during that time and fly on corporate aircraft with some of the country’s most influential men and women.  Although my career and job were incredible, I was unfulfilled as I had been wanting to serve and work with people in a more direct fashion.  
In the spring of 2011, I met my amazing wife Sarah after having been a single dad for almost a decade.  It was at this time I knew I needed to make a career change to be able to better serve others as well as my family.  With God’s help and the support of Sarah I made the career shift into finance.  I was recruited by my firm Edward Jones in 2013 as a financial advisor and feel beyond blessed to serve in this fashion.  
Although my career and personal life were clicking along, I still had that burning desire in my gut to serve our veteran community.  It wasn’t until I met my good friend Dan Jarvis that God would yet again help guide me to exactly where I needed to be. 
22Zero and the RTM protocol are a calling to my soul. I have personally seen just how powerful RTM is and how it can save families and lives right in front of your eye’s! Our Veterans, First Responders and communities need and deserve this. Getting the training and information in the hands of more individuals to help us stomp out PTSD is in the forefront of my mind every day and the RTM protocol along with 22Zero IS the vehicle to help us deliver on that need!
Sarah and I have been married for 9 years and we have 5 children; Hailey 20, Emma 18, Fisher 7, Anika 6, and Bodi 2. Sarah shifted gears as a physical therapist to instead stay at home with our little ones, and this past year joined our firm as a financial advisor as well.  We live Ashburnham, Massachusetts where we breed hunting dogs and enjoy time on our family’s beef cattle farm when we are not in the office.  We are a family that deeply loves our country as well as the men and women who put it all on the line for the rest of us. 
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Get your life and your family back with 22 Zero. We use a breakthrough treatment for PTSD that is researched and is listed as an effective treatment with emerging evidence. Nothing else like this exists and we are intimately connected with the founding organization, The Research and Recognition Project and Dr. Frank Bourke PhD.