Tactical Resiliency Training

Think of it as emotional armor

PTSD is an injury that can now heal just as quickly as it happens. Our approach works. We are seeing results daily among veterans, first responders, and other trauma survivors.

PTSD is an injury that can now heal just as quickly as it is inflicted.

Our Programs Can Heal People In As Few As 1-4 Sessions

There is a better way to manage negative emotions associated with their duties and service, and even clear the emotions attached to a hardcore traumatic event. What’s more, you can learn this process in only three days. Our latest research has shown more than half of program participants recover after only one session with others experiencing recovery within one to four sessions. See more testimonials and research below.

It was interesting being the client and not the therapist for a change. When Dan ran me through Emotions Management Process (EMP), it released emotions I didn’t know were there. As I was responding to work calls, checking emails, and sitting in zoom meetings, I reflexively wanted to be angry. Instead of accepting the thought that I should’ve been angry, my brain chose to be happy instead. Thanks, Dan I owe you….

Norman Bissell


Veterans with PTSD

No Stress, Non-Invasive Approach

People Can Recover Without Reliving or Re-telling their Trauma

New research shows just how wrong we’ve been about PTSD. It’s not psychological; it is neurological.  PTSD is an injury that can now heal just as quickly as it is inflicted.

This Program Will Build Resiliency In Your Ranks

We’re seeing Amazing results

22Zero - Research-Backed Approach to PTSD

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Positive Results

  • The average PSSI-5 score for these one-hundred (100) case studies before TRP was 54.33
  • The Average PSSI-5 score after TRP for same one-hundred (100) cases is 2.12

TRP/EMP Training Dates can be found at AnxietyGuys.com

When registering, select the training dates of your preference.

Self-paced work is required before the two day Zoom training

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