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“We have been treating veterans and civilians suffering from PTSD and acute stress/anxiety for over 7 years.  Usually it takes months to years to see significant relief from the symptoms of PTSD and acute stress.  For most people, there is never a period of time when complete restoration takes place.  I am happy to report that since being sponsored by 22ZERO to receive training in the RTM Protocol we have successfully treated 1 veteran and 3 civilians who have reported complete restoration from the severe symptoms of PTSD and Acute stress.  We test to see the severity of symptoms by using subjective units of distress – a scale of 0 being no symptoms and 10 being severe.  Our clients so far have reported initial SUD levels of 7-10.  After only 1-2 sessions ALL clients reported SUD levels of 0!  The RTM Protocol has been defined by them as “a miracle treatment that has given their life back.”  From a clinician’s standpoint I have never administered a protocol that is as powerful and fast acting as the RTM Protocol.  The results speak for themselves.  I was skeptical at first as to the powerful and immediate effects of the RTM Protocol, but after witnessing the complete change in demeanor and emotional/physical manifestations of trauma literally disappear within one session, I became a believer.  Thank you 22ZERO for your tireless support of veterans and connecting them to the RTM Protocol for complete healing of the very real and overwhelming invisible wounds of trauma.”

– Michael & Marla Castrilli Clinician
22Zero Testimonials

I have treated Veterans, First Responders, and civilians with complex trauma for more than a decade and I am grateful to be a part of the solution to posttraumatic stress.  Since being sponsored by 22ZERO to receive training in the RTM (Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories) Protocol, I have treated 2 Veterans, 2 Law Enforcement Officers, and 3 civilians with PTSD and/or acute stress symptoms.  I am pleased to report that every individual treated experienced a significant reduction in SUDs (Subjective Units of Distress) scores, as well as other symptoms, related to the traumatic events that were being addressed.

As a trauma specialist who has been heavily trained and certified in a number of gold-standard, evidence-based therapies and techniques for PTSD, I find RTM’s rapid dissolution of trauma-related anxiety and other symptoms to be a refreshing development.  No other protocol or modality offers such immediate results.

RTM is a revolutionary technique that not only allows, but requires, clients to remain in a totally calm and relaxed state throughout the process.  This is a world away from the concept that additional trauma exposure (and therefore significant distress) is required for recovery and the healing process.  RTM is a safe and comfortable method that will increase treatment compliance and completion, while also significantly reducing or eliminating the painful and troublesome effects of traumatic experiences.

The idea that you have to first feel bad in order to feel better is a thing of the past!  This protocol allows provider and client to clear the space necessary for true healing to take place.

Many thanks to 22ZERO for this amazing opportunity to serve others in a most meaningful way!

– Heather L. Moore, LCSW Polk Veterans Counseling, LLC
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Get your life and your family back with 22 Zero. We use a breakthrough treatment for PTSD that is researched and is listed as an effective treatment with emerging evidence. Nothing else like this exists and we are intimately connected with the founding organization, The Research and Recognition Project and Dr. Frank Bourke PhD.