In the aftermath of the tragic events of 9/11, countless heroes emerged, many of whom continue to carry the emotional and psychological burdens of that day. Johnny Walker, a veteran and first responder, alongside Dr. Pamela Arnell, Executive Director of 22ZERO, have dedicated themselves to a mission: living without trauma and aiding others in doing the same.

The Unveiling of a Healing Journey: 22ZERO Documentary

On the poignant 20th anniversary of 9/11, a documentary titled “Healing the Heroes of 9-11: The Way Forward” was released, showcasing the healing journey of first responders who were present during the catastrophic events in New York and the Pentagon. Produced by Gier Productions, LLC, and available at 22ZERO Linktree, the documentary highlights the pivotal role 22ZERO plays in healing those who have been psychologically impacted by the events.

Johnny and Cynthia Walker: Advocates for Trauma Healing

Johnny Walker, not only a first responder during 9/11 but also a fervent advocate for 22ZERO, and his wife, Cynthia, have been instrumental in supporting and propagating the healing provided by the organization. Their personal experiences and advocacy work have been pivotal in bringing attention to the trauma experienced by first responders and veterans alike. Johnny, now the founder of Holosail Technology, continues to advocate for trauma healing across national and international events.

Dr. Pamela Arnell: A Commitment to No Veteran Left Behind

Dr. Pamela Arnell, who has personally experienced loss with the passing of her veteran husband Jerome, has channeled her grief into a promise: ensuring no one is left behind in the battle against trauma. Her dedication to expanding 22ZERO aims to reach and assist more veterans and first responders across the U.S., and even those deployed overseas, providing them with resources and support to navigate through their trauma.

A Conversation with KNX News: Sharing Stories of Triumph Over Trauma

In an interview with KNX News on 9/11/23, Johnny and Dr. Arnell shared their experiences and the significant impact of 22ZERO on their lives and the lives of many veterans and first responders. Their stories, imbued with personal experiences of trauma and the subsequent journey towards healing, shed light on the vital work being done by 22ZERO.

The Continuous Impact of 22ZERO

As Johnny and Dr. Arnell continue to speak on the transformative impact of 22ZERO, they not only honor the memory of those like Jerome but also ensure that the ongoing work of the organization reaches and aids more individuals. The continuous impact of 22ZERO is a testament to the resilience and unyielding spirit of our veterans and first responders.


The stories of Johnny Walker and Dr. Pamela Arnell underscore a vital message: healing from trauma is possible, and through organizations like 22ZERO, veterans and first responders are finding a way forward. Their advocacy and commitment to ensuring no hero is left behind in their battle against trauma continue to make a significant impact, providing hope and support to those who have given so much.

Learn more about the mission and impact of 22ZERO by visiting the 22ZERO Linktree and join us in ensuring no hero battles trauma alone.

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